Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yet another cropped top...

Lincraft are selling 250g bags of yarn from the Wangaratta Mill Shop for $5 ... the yarn is not labelled as to it's ply etc, but there is a massive selection of everything from fine 4 ply up to at least 12 ply.
I used about two and a half balls (there were six in the pack) of this green self striping 8 ply.
Again I used the directions in Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top...I made it exactly the same as my Bendigo Shrug, but left the front edges straight instead of decreasing them down. Now that it's finished, it reminds me a lot of the Anthropologie-insiped Capelet

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chrissy quilting time

...this quilt has been a long time in the making, but finally it's done :-) It started with me using five star blocks from my block stash, and a few oddments of Christmas fabric....It's machine pieced and quilted onto some creamy coloured polar fleece, with the holly leaves appliqued on top. There really wasn't much finishing off to be done..just the applique , some more quilting, and the binding being sewn down :-)

The small quilt with the log cabin corners I made in was from a book that I borrowed, called Appliquilt to
Go by Tonee White. I loved that I could combine the applique and quilting stitch into one action (I used the same technique this week for my holly leaves).

Reading the forums over on
Ravelry I read about a new author (with a knitty twist) to look for...I love mysteries, especially really old Agatha Christie type books, so I couldn't wait to read Patricia Wentworth's Miss Silver Mysteries....Maud Silver is a private detective with a passion for knitting....what's not to love about that!.... so far I've started The Key, and already she's knitting some socks (whilst solving the crime of course!) :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bendigo Shrug

I love Barbara Walker's Knitting from the top book :-)
I made this shrug/bolero following her directions for the Classic Raglan Cardigan...the book was really easy to follow, and I'm really happy with this first project.
I used just under one 200g ball of Bendigo Colonial 8ply.
It feels nice and light to wear, and will be great now that summer is here :-)
(Don't you just love this back view shot?!...ha, it was the best I could do today :-D)

.....some work in progress piccies...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

...smells like Christmas

The first week in December usually means gingerbread houses also usually means a hell messy kitchen, falling roofs, the smell of scorched gingerbread, gingerbread either so hard that it breaks your teeth, or so soft that the walls cave's a heaps good Chrissy tradition, but you get the general picture!?
Well this year, only one of my girls was game enough to give it another go...after googling for a new recipe (yep, they try a new one every year!), she went with the first one she clicked on, and OMG!, it was the best one yet :-) Tastes great, simple recipe, perfect consistency, and yes, a house that didn't cave in :-D WOOHOO!

Monday, December 03, 2007

December already!

We returned from a road trip to Port Augusta on saturday, and straight away, got the Christmas decs out :-)
This is a chrissy quilt I made a few years back...the centre section (up to the plain blue border) was from a pattern in Australian Patchwork and Quilting (applique special)...I just added some scrappy borders to make it a more usable size. In keeping with the scrappy theme, I made the backing out of any red or blue fabric I had (and used a house block from my pile of lonesome blocks, for the label)...I kinda like the back better than the front :-)

I also 'found' this nearly finished quilt in the box with the rest...(yep, I find my UFO's everywhere!)...all it needs is a bit more machine quilting, and some holly leaves to be appliqued....I should be able to finish it before Christmas ....(that is this Christmas) :-D

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Knitting from the top

I found a copy of Barbara Walker's Knitting from the Top on Ebay, and have spent the last couple of days reading it from cover to cover :-) It's not a pretty book, and it would certainly be overlooked by me at the bookshop, but reading everybody's praise about it, I knew that I had to have a copy (and I was so right!). The book relies on text rather than photos, but it is so well written that it all makes perfect sense, and makes everything seem so easy...I'd given up trying to master the Invisible Cast On, but on my first try with Barbara's instructions, I totally got it!!

I haven't done much knitting or sewing in the last couple of weeks ... thanks to the great aussie cold virus that everybody seems to have had :-(
...but I did make a start on some Pocketbook Slippers (easy, no think, no effort, stash yarn knitting). The weather is getting hotter now, so slippers were perhaps not the obvious choice...but hey they're quick and have a really clever construction.

Trying to be Sunsmart yesterday, I was looking for something to wear over my shoulders, and found this green One Skein Wonder that I made a while back (before I started blogging). It worked perfectly...just right for protecting my shoulders outside in the sun....and just right for inside, guarding me from the air conditioners.
I'd forgotten just what a cool top this is :-)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Stashbusting potholders

I found this pattern through Ravelry, and thought that it would be a great way to use some of my box full of spare quilt blocks (this one was part of a block swap I did a few years back). I followed the idea from the pattern, not the actual pattern itself.........on my Bond knitting machine, I made a huge square of stocking stitch in random stripes, which I then cut into smaller squares and backed with fusible interfacing....

1.Pre-quilted block cut to 40cm square with roughly cut (interface backed) knitting...
2.Quilt block placed on wrong side of knitting...
3.Machine sewn, 5mm in from edge using a triple machine stitch (I also used a walking foot)...
4.Knitting cut to match quilt block...
5.Machine overlocked around the edges.

I was going to add some fabric binding around the edges, but decided that I liked the raw edge look be extra sure that no unravelling happens, I'm going to add another row of triple stitch around the edge, just inside the first row.
A load of these all zigzagged together would make a really nice quilt on one side, and blanket on the other :-)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Power to the Pinny

...As promised, a modeled shot of my pair of matching(ish) aprons :-)
Meet James...he was the only member of this household who didn't have a problem
modeling a pinny with me! :-D
I really should edit the photo, and have a thought bubble coming from Mighty (the dog)....he's looking at our daughter who's taking the shot, and thinking "what the hell do these two think they look like!!?!!" :-D
The pocket on James' one is maybe a bit low...I did it like that because I quilted it with the idea of using it as an oven glove, and I thought that lower would give it more flexibility...I haven't put it to the test yet though.

Instant knitting gratification!!...I have a new Nintendo DS lite(yay!), which I really don't want to get scratched in my bag, so I made it a cosy (to go with all of the other ones that I made for my handbag contains nothing but cosies!).
I used the same basic pattern as with the phone socks, but cast on extra stitches (30 in total), and just knitted until it was the length of the DS. The yarn is Daisy by Seansheep, the same as I used for my Unbiased bag, but this time in a brown...(
yep, I'm still working my way through my Seansheep stash :-))

....and as for my fabric stash, I laid out a couple more bag blocks for my handbag I just need to get working on their embellishments :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pinnies are back!

I love the practicality of wearing a pinny (apron), but of course, have hated the 'Hilda Ogden' stigma that usually goes with it, so in the past, I haven't bothered.......but.......that's about to change :-)
Now that pinny's are less laughable (oh maybe my girls will still laugh at me!), I plan to make some more...maybe even matching His'n'Hers :-D
The main fabric was in a pile of black and white fabric oddments from the Op Shop ($1 for a whole bag full).
The piece was just the right size, and even had the border print as part of the fabric. The checkered black and white for the ties and pocket were from my stash, and the black binding, again from an Op Shop sewing notions goody bag :-)
I have enough supplies to make one more (see!...I wasn't kidding about the His'nHers!!)
....modelled photo's to follow ;-D)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 invite has arrived...!

...such excitement...I have hardly anything to show you (other than this progress I'm making on my handbag quilt)...but, but, but...I have my invite to Ravelry :-) I'm using my clickertyclick name, as Linda was already taken (ha, who'd o' thought! ;-D)'ll probably take me a few days to learn how to navigate around the site, but so far, I'm impressed :-) (and very excited!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How excited am I...!?

...bargain shopping time! :-D Big W are doing the same as last year, and selling off their entire stock of Sean Sheep yarn for 50c a ball (could be 20c within a few days though!)...this time, even their kits of 3 or 4 balls are 50c!

After reading this Sew What! Skirts book from the library,
I was inspired to look for fabric in household linen shops...there's a great skirt to be made from a tablecloth, so I looked in the manchester section of Best and Less...the tablecloths weren't the best, but then I spotted the euro sized pillowcases going out for $1.20 each...there is just THE perfect amount of fabric for a basic A-line of course, I bought one or two (;-D) !! I also bought a roll of zips for the skirts...?...I didn't know there was such a thing, but how cool is it?! just measure the size you want, then zig-zag on the machine, and cut through :-)
Not much progress has been on my blanket (too much time spent shopping!), but I'm really happy with how the flower petals have turned out (and how easy they are).
Thanks very much Leonie and 2paw, for your help with Torchwood (gggrrrrr channel 10!)...a friend helped us out, so we are all sorted now :-) ...again, thanks!
Suzy, congratulations on the birth of Lucie :-) she looks soooo cozy in her new leg warmers!
Penny, I have been knitting as long as I can remember :-) When I was in primary school, we were allowed to take games and toys to play with on the last day of guessed it, I was the one sitting there knitting :-D...(you can imagine how many 'old granny' jokes I used to get....come to think of it, I still do!!!)

Monday, September 10, 2007

A better top for the tube

After trying on my Tube Top with every other top I own (!!), I finally found a combination that I'm happy with. I liked the shrug from my last post, but it is nowhere near as wearable as with my new Rowena...I still need to add straps to the Tube Top so that I don't have to keep 'adjusting' myself, but other than that, I'm now more than happy with it's fit and feel :-) I don't have enough projects started already ;-D...a mindless knitting project was needed this weekend to fit in with some lazy TV watching... (how cool that Captain Jack Harkness was on Doctor Who, after Channel 10 axed Torchwood before the season end,...really, do you think that Channel 10 were even aware that they were buying Doctor Who?! :-D )
After googling to see if there was going to be a second series, I found this program description from the BBC website that really made me laugh:
Torchwood will be a dark, clever, wild, sexy, British crime/sci-fi paranoid thriller cop show with a sense of humour - the X Files meets This Life Yep...I think that pretty much covers it!!!...and yes there is a second series with James Marsters guest starring...oh how we miss Spike!
ok...back to my knitting :-D I decided on a mitred square blanket made out of random creamy/beige yarns...they're all different weights and textures, but hopefully, that will be the 'appeal' of the finished blanket...I'm thinking of knitted appliqued flowers to finish it off (I got the Knitter's Bible from the library, which has a really nice leaf/petal pattern in it)...maybe in some pastel pinks, blues and greens...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Spring has sprung! last, I've finished my Rowena cardi :-)
The actual knitting (done on my Bond) took no time at all... the borders, ribbing and button buying
took heaps longer!!'s been a good week for finishing things off....this is my Coquette Lace Tube Top from Fitted knits. I'm guessing that my gauge was off, as it's not quite as fitted as I'd still needs straps adding, so hopefully that will make it more wearable. The grey shrug was another Bond/Knitware creation...I knew that the tube top needed either something under or over it (just ignore the brown singlet :-D), so now that I'm happy with how the shrug looks, I'll make one in the same pink yarn as the tube.The yarn for Rowena was just a cheap Lincraft homebrand, for a couple of dollars a ball, the shrug was made from a few odd balls of 'no band' yarn from the Op Shop, and the Tube Top was 100% wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills.
I like that using the machine means I don't have to worry too much about yarn quality....with putting less hours into it than with a handknit, I'm not overly concerned about how well it will wash, or how long it will last me...(ok, I admit it!...I'm just a cheapskate ;-D)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Don't stop me now.....

...I'm having such a good time...!, this house is certainly starting to look like a knitting factory :-D My Bond knitting machine has been permanently set up for the last couple of weeks (giving all of my hand knitting and other stuff a bit of a holiday!...I will get back to it all, but I'm just having so much fun with the machine right now) :-)
I have been sorting through all of the patterns on my 'wish list', and seeing how easy it would be to adapt them....and so good.
Instead of following the patterns as they are written, and trying to get gauge etc, I found it easier to just make up a similar pattern by looking at the picture, and designing it with my Knitware program. I started with this Rowena cardi from Knit 2 Together by Tracy Ullman and Mel's just a really basic pattern (that knitted up in a couple of hours), with a really unique tubular edging that is meant to have ribbon threaded through. I'm doing all of the edgings by hand, which along with the seam sewing, is taking longer than the stocking stitch body!
I've also started the Bobble Rib Flower Pullover from Nicky Epstein's Knitting Over the Edge...I just LOVE this jumper and have been planing to make it for ages...the stocking stitch body is done, other than the flower to be swiss darned (duplicate stitched) onto the front...and then, just the ribbing, which will probably take ages. Not sure yet, but I think I might make it bobble-less...?!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cheat knitting

I love the successful resurrection of my Bond knitting machine :-)
I do remember now, why I stopped using it all those years ago...I tried to get too adventurous. I figured that if I was going to use a machine to knit, then I wanted it to do everything, including all the ribs and fancy stitches etc...that was my mistake :-( Really, the Bond is a brilliant machine, but it's best feature is it's stocking stitch. By doing all of the stocking stitch on the machine, and all the rest by hand
(fusion knitting) I've got the best of both worlds (and at a very speedy pace!). My girls are calling it 'cheat knitting' ;-D

I tested it out on this basic raglan jumper, using Knitware and the 3 balls of self striping yarn I bought from Big W a few months back.
I found some more knitting software called Wild Stitches
which is due for release on September 1st, so I'm really looking forward to giving that a try :-)
...but in the meantime, I'm re-visiting all of my old knitting books and mags to see which patterns I can convert to the Bond (like I need an excuse to spend hours with my head in knitting books!!)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A brighter day...

...and a better photo!
...and even better's now a finished singlet :-D

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Retro Knitting

This is the first time that I've used my Bond knitting machine in about 20 years... (can't believe that it's still in perfect working order!). I figured that an easy camisole/singlet would be a good way to ease back into using it...and so far, so good :-) It's probably a bit longer than I wanted, but once the i-cord straps on, it should be good. One of the problems I had with the Bond before, was trying to find good patterns to make on it, but now that I don't need specific patterns (thanks to my free Knitware program :-D), finding something to knit is as easy as! ... and it is so, so , SO quick :-)
That didn't stop me however, buying this hardback copy of Square Knits by Angela King and Caroline Baker, from the Op Shop!...I remember drooling over this book when it first came out in 1985 (!), but at ten pounds, it was way beyond my budget ... I was more than happy to pay a dollar fifty for it this week though... and with all of the retro fashions in the shops right now, it doesn't even look that out-dated :-)

My Tube Top from Fitted Knits is really easy, and nice to work on...the centre panel has a Rusted Root look about it, but the pattern is a whole lot easier to follow :-) I'm going to add straps to it, not only because I think it'll look better, but also to help keep it's turning out bigger than I imagined, but as I was planning on wearing something underneath it anyway, it shouldn't really matter..(my fingers are crossed!)
*edit* I've just realised that the singlet picture is too dark to see...I'll try taking some better shots this afternoon, now that the sun is out :-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back in the real world

After spending a really enjoyable, quiet (but exciting) weekend with Harry, Ron and Hermione, I'm back and raring to knit :-) (How cool was it that whilst the rest of the world queued and queued through the night to get their copy at midnight, we were able to walk into Big W when they opened at 8.30 on saturday morning and be handed a copy upon living in australia :-D)
Anyways!....on to my knitting progress...
I started the Coquette Lace Tube Top from Fitted Knits...this is knitting up really nicely. I thought it would take more concentration than it does, but the centre lace panel is easy to remember, making it a good telly watching project :-) I'll probably make the Two-toned Ribbed Shrug from the same book, to wear over the top of it. The yarn is just THE best...I'm using Colonial 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills. This is the first time I've used it, and I am loving it...will definately buy more.
My winter top down cardi is kinda designing itself...The shape is just going to be a basic scoop neck, and I'm letting my stash of Sean Sheep wool determine the colours ... meaning I'm knitting blindly until it's all gone! :-D

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still using up my stash

I was trying to hold off starting a new project until my copy of Fitted Knits arrives from Amazon....but y'know what it's like...sometimes you've just gotta knit ;-D
I started this generic top down cardi using some Sean Sheep 100% wool from my stash...I'm using size 15 (us) needles with 3 strands of yarn held's really cold in Adelaide right now, so it needed to be extra was going to be a sweater, but the wool is a bit scratchy and will probably need an underneath layer of clothes, so a cardi it is :-)
I'm still trying to decide if I like my Tubey/one skein wonder 'hybrid'... so until I know, I've put it on hold for a while....this is where it's at so far:

I also got out my old Bond knitting machine after reading about one on another blog....I've had this Bond for over 20 years, it's survived 5 house moves and one 'other side of the world' move, and has not been used in all that time...well, I managed to find all of the pieces, got it set up, and I even remembered how to use it! It's awesome...and I can't remember why I stopped using it?...the last thing I made was a baby outfit (jumper, leggings, hat) for my daughter (who is now nearly 21!). I even found the pattern book, and showed her what I'd made (ha! she said she would have prefered the pink dress on the next page!!!! I offered to make it for her now, but she thought it might be a tinsy bit small...!!?!!) :-D