Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Easy peasy mobile phone socks

These phone socks are the easiest things to knit, and brilliant for practicing knitting in the round. I'm not very good with dpns (way too fiddly for me), so I knit them 'magic loop' style using one circular needle...heaps, HEAPS easier way to knit.

There is a great online video explaining magic loop knitting at http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/advanced_techniques/

For the purple sock, I used a textured 8ply for the body and two strands of a fancy tinsel-like one for the trim (the sort that you buy from the $2 shop here in Aus with the generic name of 'fancy knitting yarn'...well I definately can't be accused of being a yarn snob!!).

For the creamy coloured one, I used one strand of 8ply and one strand of eyelash yarn held together.

Cast on 22sts using one size 4mm circular needle.

The sock is knitted from top to bottom, so cast on with the trim yarn.

Knit 3 or 4 rows (or whatever looks good) with the trim, then change to the main body yarn.

Knit until sock is the right size for your phone. I made mine 10cm and it has fitted several different phone sizes and ipods.

Cast off using the 3 needle bind off method...place half of the stitches on one end of the circular needle, and the other stitches on the other end, then cast off using a spare 4mm needle.


Thats it!...no seams to sew, just 2 ends to fasten off. I use my phone socks ALL the time...they're easy to see at home, easy to 'feel' for in my bag, and they stop my phone from getting scratched and beaten :-)

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