Tuesday, October 09, 2007

...my invite has arrived...!

...such excitement...I have hardly anything to show you (other than this progress I'm making on my handbag quilt)...but, but, but...I have my invite to Ravelry :-) I'm using my clickertyclick name, as Linda was already taken (ha, who'd o' thought! ;-D)...it'll probably take me a few days to learn how to navigate around the site, but so far, I'm impressed :-) (and very excited!)


2paw said...

I love your quilt and it expresses such a true statement!!! Oh, Ravelry is fun, and fancy someone stealing your name!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great quilt! I expect you'll take a while to come out of the Ravelry Black Hole (hee hee) but it IS a lot of fun!