Wednesday, December 05, 2007

...smells like Christmas

The first week in December usually means gingerbread houses also usually means a hell messy kitchen, falling roofs, the smell of scorched gingerbread, gingerbread either so hard that it breaks your teeth, or so soft that the walls cave's a heaps good Chrissy tradition, but you get the general picture!?
Well this year, only one of my girls was game enough to give it another go...after googling for a new recipe (yep, they try a new one every year!), she went with the first one she clicked on, and OMG!, it was the best one yet :-) Tastes great, simple recipe, perfect consistency, and yes, a house that didn't cave in :-D WOOHOO!


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2paw said...

Wow!! We didn't make any houses at all this year so you have fulfilled my Gingerbread house yearning. It looks fabulous!!!