Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pinnies are back!

I love the practicality of wearing a pinny (apron), but of course, have hated the 'Hilda Ogden' stigma that usually goes with it, so in the past, I haven't bothered.......but.......that's about to change :-)
Now that pinny's are less laughable (oh maybe my girls will still laugh at me!), I plan to make some more...maybe even matching His'n'Hers :-D
The main fabric was in a pile of black and white fabric oddments from the Op Shop ($1 for a whole bag full).
The piece was just the right size, and even had the border print as part of the fabric. The checkered black and white for the ties and pocket were from my stash, and the black binding, again from an Op Shop sewing notions goody bag :-)
I have enough supplies to make one more (see!...I wasn't kidding about the His'nHers!!)
....modelled photo's to follow ;-D)


Tracy said...

Very nice pinny :) I like Pinnies too. I like ones with bibs. I always end up with a wet shirt when washing dishes. Especially being 7monthe prenant and having to squeeze the belly up to the sink to wash them.
I alos love my op-shops!

joyce said...

I saw a very cute apron at a quilt shop. It was basically a square with the top corner folded down and a neck strap there. I might make one and post it but I want to get op shop fabrics too. Hate to waste good quilting cotton on an apron. Now why would I think that is a waste????

2paw said...

I was in an apron swap this year and I had already decided I might like one!! Yours is lovely and ingenious at the same time!!!

mum said...

Love your pinny. Reminds me of the ones your Gran used to wear! Luv MUM

Terri Lynn said...

This is nice!