Monday, October 29, 2007

Stashbusting potholders

I found this pattern through Ravelry, and thought that it would be a great way to use some of my box full of spare quilt blocks (this one was part of a block swap I did a few years back). I followed the idea from the pattern, not the actual pattern itself.........on my Bond knitting machine, I made a huge square of stocking stitch in random stripes, which I then cut into smaller squares and backed with fusible interfacing....

1.Pre-quilted block cut to 40cm square with roughly cut (interface backed) knitting...
2.Quilt block placed on wrong side of knitting...
3.Machine sewn, 5mm in from edge using a triple machine stitch (I also used a walking foot)...
4.Knitting cut to match quilt block...
5.Machine overlocked around the edges.

I was going to add some fabric binding around the edges, but decided that I liked the raw edge look be extra sure that no unravelling happens, I'm going to add another row of triple stitch around the edge, just inside the first row.
A load of these all zigzagged together would make a really nice quilt on one side, and blanket on the other :-)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Power to the Pinny

...As promised, a modeled shot of my pair of matching(ish) aprons :-)
Meet James...he was the only member of this household who didn't have a problem
modeling a pinny with me! :-D
I really should edit the photo, and have a thought bubble coming from Mighty (the dog)....he's looking at our daughter who's taking the shot, and thinking "what the hell do these two think they look like!!?!!" :-D
The pocket on James' one is maybe a bit low...I did it like that because I quilted it with the idea of using it as an oven glove, and I thought that lower would give it more flexibility...I haven't put it to the test yet though.

Instant knitting gratification!!...I have a new Nintendo DS lite(yay!), which I really don't want to get scratched in my bag, so I made it a cosy (to go with all of the other ones that I made for my handbag contains nothing but cosies!).
I used the same basic pattern as with the phone socks, but cast on extra stitches (30 in total), and just knitted until it was the length of the DS. The yarn is Daisy by Seansheep, the same as I used for my Unbiased bag, but this time in a brown...(
yep, I'm still working my way through my Seansheep stash :-))

....and as for my fabric stash, I laid out a couple more bag blocks for my handbag I just need to get working on their embellishments :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pinnies are back!

I love the practicality of wearing a pinny (apron), but of course, have hated the 'Hilda Ogden' stigma that usually goes with it, so in the past, I haven't bothered.......but.......that's about to change :-)
Now that pinny's are less laughable (oh maybe my girls will still laugh at me!), I plan to make some more...maybe even matching His'n'Hers :-D
The main fabric was in a pile of black and white fabric oddments from the Op Shop ($1 for a whole bag full).
The piece was just the right size, and even had the border print as part of the fabric. The checkered black and white for the ties and pocket were from my stash, and the black binding, again from an Op Shop sewing notions goody bag :-)
I have enough supplies to make one more (see!...I wasn't kidding about the His'nHers!!)
....modelled photo's to follow ;-D)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007 invite has arrived...!

...such excitement...I have hardly anything to show you (other than this progress I'm making on my handbag quilt)...but, but, but...I have my invite to Ravelry :-) I'm using my clickertyclick name, as Linda was already taken (ha, who'd o' thought! ;-D)'ll probably take me a few days to learn how to navigate around the site, but so far, I'm impressed :-) (and very excited!)