Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How excited am I...!?

...bargain shopping time! :-D Big W are doing the same as last year, and selling off their entire stock of Sean Sheep yarn for 50c a ball (could be 20c within a few days though!)...this time, even their kits of 3 or 4 balls are 50c!

After reading this Sew What! Skirts book from the library,
I was inspired to look for fabric in household linen shops...there's a great skirt to be made from a tablecloth, so I looked in the manchester section of Best and Less...the tablecloths weren't the best, but then I spotted the euro sized pillowcases going out for $1.20 each...there is just THE perfect amount of fabric for a basic A-line skirt...so of course, I bought one or two (;-D) !! I also bought a roll of zips for the skirts...?...I didn't know there was such a thing, but how cool is it?!...you just measure the size you want, then zig-zag on the machine, and cut through :-)
Not much progress has been on my blanket (too much time spent shopping!), but I'm really happy with how the flower petals have turned out (and how easy they are).
Thanks very much Leonie and 2paw, for your help with Torchwood (gggrrrrr channel 10!)...a friend helped us out, so we are all sorted now :-) ...again, thanks!
Suzy, congratulations on the birth of Lucie :-) she looks soooo cozy in her new leg warmers!
Penny, I have been knitting as long as I can remember :-) When I was in primary school, we were allowed to take games and toys to play with on the last day of term...hmmmm...you guessed it, I was the one sitting there knitting :-D...(you can imagine how many 'old granny' jokes I used to get....come to think of it, I still do!!!)


Tazzie said...

Ohhh, how fun, I think I'll pop over to our local Big W this afternoon. Thanx for the tip!

2paw said...

The wool is so cheap, but I have bought the new Neon from Bendigo- there is green!!!!! I must borrow that book, you are inspiring me. I bet that zip doesn't come in green???? Your leaves are beautiful, they look lovely!!!

amanda said...

Wow! That's quite a stash enhancement :)

Zeeppo said...

I get old granny jokes and I am male.

Suzy said...

Yum! Those petals DO look great! I'll keep them in mind, maybe knit up just one flower... lately my needles have been calling to me softly ever so often, but I can't find the time to knit right now.... sigh

Cindra said...

I love the collaborative quilting book. It's wonderful!