Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Still using up my stash

I was trying to hold off starting a new project until my copy of Fitted Knits arrives from Amazon....but y'know what it's like...sometimes you've just gotta knit ;-D
I started this generic top down cardi using some Sean Sheep 100% wool from my stash...I'm using size 15 (us) needles with 3 strands of yarn held's really cold in Adelaide right now, so it needed to be extra was going to be a sweater, but the wool is a bit scratchy and will probably need an underneath layer of clothes, so a cardi it is :-)
I'm still trying to decide if I like my Tubey/one skein wonder 'hybrid'... so until I know, I've put it on hold for a while....this is where it's at so far:

I also got out my old Bond knitting machine after reading about one on another blog....I've had this Bond for over 20 years, it's survived 5 house moves and one 'other side of the world' move, and has not been used in all that time...well, I managed to find all of the pieces, got it set up, and I even remembered how to use it! It's awesome...and I can't remember why I stopped using it?...the last thing I made was a baby outfit (jumper, leggings, hat) for my daughter (who is now nearly 21!). I even found the pattern book, and showed her what I'd made (ha! she said she would have prefered the pink dress on the next page!!!! I offered to make it for her now, but she thought it might be a tinsy bit small...!!?!!) :-D


2paw said...

I think the Tubey Hybrid looks great!! And a top down cardi: I am so excited now I understand them. How cool is the whole process???!! Very!!!
I have never worked a knitting machine thingy, but I must say how very typical that your daughter would have preferred something else!!!

amanda said...

I'm really liking that Hybrid - love the neckline on it!

picperfic said...

I used to have a bond machine...think itmight still be in the garage of my old home, I wonder if my ex will let me have it back? I used to hate it when the carriage sort of slid off the needles andyou knew it was going to be trouble! I had great fun with it though...many years ago! Good luck with the warm cardi, you have a lovely figure and seem to be able to wear anything you like cause it all looks good on you! You sure your daughter is 21?? Mind you I had my eldest when I was 18...