Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Well, my Unbiased from Knitty is finally finished :-) This was such an easy bag pattern, a one that would look heaps different with every yarn choice. I made this one to the measurements on the pattern, and it makes it a really good size for holding knitting projects with straight knitting needles.
I think I'll make another one, but next time make it deeper, for a more slouchy kinda bag. The good thing about this pattern, is that it can be made to any size just by adjusting the dimensions of your 4 diagonal pieces.
One of the current projects over on the Sexy Knitters Club blog is Rusted Root. After sorting through my stash (really, I am trying hard to de-stash!) I found some black Sean Sheep Bonza 8 ply, that I thought would work good. I love the look of the puff sleeves on the pattern, but thought I may change them to an ordinary cap sleeve...I'll be wearing it layered over other clothes, so maybe the puffy will be too much. With changing the sleeves, I got to thinking that it might be possible to make it, by just using a basic top down raglan. I looked through some stitch pattern books to see if I had a similar leaf pattern for the lacy insert, and I found what I think is the exact one!! :-D How cool is that!?!
...ok!, time to put my pattern adapting to the test :-)


picperfic said...

my daughter made me that unbiased bag out of some sari silk, it is my favourite bag but it really could be a bit deeper. I am thinking about making it out of some Rowan Denim, it's horrid to work with but such fun to wash and see it shrink into shape and it goes so lovely and soft.

Queen Frogger said...

I am making unbiased at the moment with some sari silk, which is nice but sheds like mad!