Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cheat knitting

I love the successful resurrection of my Bond knitting machine :-)
I do remember now, why I stopped using it all those years ago...I tried to get too adventurous. I figured that if I was going to use a machine to knit, then I wanted it to do everything, including all the ribs and fancy stitches etc...that was my mistake :-( Really, the Bond is a brilliant machine, but it's best feature is it's stocking stitch. By doing all of the stocking stitch on the machine, and all the rest by hand
(fusion knitting) I've got the best of both worlds (and at a very speedy pace!). My girls are calling it 'cheat knitting' ;-D

I tested it out on this basic raglan jumper, using Knitware and the 3 balls of self striping yarn I bought from Big W a few months back.
I found some more knitting software called Wild Stitches
which is due for release on September 1st, so I'm really looking forward to giving that a try :-)
...but in the meantime, I'm re-visiting all of my old knitting books and mags to see which patterns I can convert to the Bond (like I need an excuse to spend hours with my head in knitting books!!)


2paw said...

Bond, Clickerytclick Bond!! Great jumper. Simplicity Rules!!!

steel breeze said...

Do a google for Heidi's Knitting Room - tons of free Bond patterns!

amanda said...

WOW, can you show us some pics of this Bond machine and how it works? Sounds pretty cool.

Terri Lynn said...

Sweet! My girlfriend, Tamspun - on Ravelry does the cheats too!