Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Block # 2

...another bag to add to my quilt :-)
This one was machine pieced and hand appliqued. I figure this bag can be a 'secret pocket' for the quilt, as it is made to actually open, as in this quilt by Jan Mullen. I may put some sort of closure on it after the quilt is made, to keep stuff safe.
I've shown it here with a dvd in it to show that it does open ... but hey?..I was thinking that it would make a good choccy stashing bag!?! ;-) ... it would work for me...!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Free design software that works !!

'Two thumbs up' for this free demo knitting software, Knitware Sweaters. Because it's a demo, there are some features that are disabled, but there is still more than enough to make it a REALLY good program :-)
I frogged the crocheted cardi I was making with it, because it was just turning out too stiff ... the design was fine, so I'll just try it with some softer yarn. The knitted version turned out great, and I loved having the option to knit it from the top down.
This cardi is being sent to Raia (my very new..1 day old.. great niece), along with the quilts that I have made for her ... I wish I could hand deliver them, but 17,000kms (11,000 miles) is maybe a bit far for today !! ;-)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

'a girl can never have too many...' quilt block #1

The idea for this quilt has been in my head for ages, so I finally decided to start it :-)
It's basically going to have a heap of handbags and maybe shoes, with the words 'a girl can never have too many', written on it. (I'm pretty sketchy on any other details, coz I don't usually decide too much before I start). There is some great inspiration out there...I love the look of Stargazey quilts, and for quilt lettering, Tonya's quilts are the coolest.'s quilt block #1.
I am using a "cut'n'paste" kind of technique.
Cut it out, stick it on, embellish it! (and of course, the most important detail - no rules!... you've just gotta love having no rules, right? !)

So, that's one block down, and a whole lot more to go :-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

cool stitch markers

..ok, now I know that these are probably not the most flash stitch markers you've ever seen, but to me, they are as cool as! I've been knitting for so long, that I can't actually remember learning, and in all of that time, my stitch markers have consisted of a length of yarn formed into a slipknot (...I can see how impressed you are!...).

Well after reading so many other blogs, I realised that maybe..just stitch marking technique could be updated. So after little success finding custom made ones .. we're not really big on yarn shops here in Adelaide :-( , I thought I should make my own. I bought some scrapbooking embellishments from Cheap as Chips at Marion, came home and found 4 old keyrings that we didn't use anymore, took off the ring, and attached it to the 'flower' ... SUCCESS!... 4 new stitch markers!

... and YES!, they work brilliantly. I used them on my baby cardi, and I swear I will not be using slipknotted waste yarn any more !! :-D

Monday, September 18, 2006

seeing red !

...ok, I just didn't want you guys to think that I'd been slacking off, on my red blanket ;-)

coz really ... I haven't ... really!

see? ... heaps more squares (and heaps more sewing together!!!)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

2 top down baby jackets

I downloaded some demo software to give it a try, including Knitware sweaters 2.5
... and at the moment, it's looking pretty impressive :-)
For my first time using it, I'm making a couple of baby cardigans ... one knitted and one crocheted, both from the top down.
The knitted one is being done in Bernat Soda Pop on size 5mm needles, and it's actually turning out really good. The crochet one is being made with the same yarn on a 5mm crochet hook, but I'm thinking that it may be a bit too stiff...I'll do a bit more to see how it goes, but I'll maybe try it with a different yarn...?
... mmm, I can see I'm gonna like this software !! ... so far, definately, so good :-)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Hooking ! much do I love my library?! Brand new books and mags to drool over for 4 weeks ... bliss!!
I used the Happy Hooker to learn how to crochet a motif with 2 colours ... it was really easy and quick, but it's not square?!... I'm guessing that it will be a lot better shape and a lot less bumpy after it has been blocked ...? (fingers crossed!)

Monday, September 11, 2006 it bedtime yet?

... finished my pj pants :-)
I altered the top of the pants a litte, just by cutting off a few cms. I'll make the next size down when I make them again ... I wanted them slouchy and roomy, but I was bordering on 'clown like' for a while there !!
I went with just the elastic option for the waist, but that was more by mistake than design!... I was gonna do a drawstring as well, but kinda went onto auto pilot on the sewing machine, and forgot all about the drawstring holes!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Progress report !!

... ok, progress so far ... my pj pants are actually looking like pants, which has gotta be a good thing right!? I thought that the satin would be hard to work with, but it's really not as slippery as I imagined ... the pattern has turned out a bit bigger than I wanted, so I'm going to make a few mods regarding the waist height (either that or hitch the pants up to under my armholes and pretend that I'm still living in the 80's !) ... really wanted them a bit more slouchy :-)
I haven't decided yet whether to use elastic, a drawstring or maybe both...? My favourite pjs have elastic at the back and a drawstring at the front, so I may go with that.
(see my Ikea scissors on the table?...they were $2.95 for a set of 3, and they are actually better at cutting fabric than my expensive dressmaking scissors!... thank you, THANK YOU Ikea for coming to Adelaide !!)

My blanket is steadily growing ... I started to sew some of it together, which is actually taking me longer than it did to knit it :-(
I've added a bright pink fluffy yarn into the next round and then maybe some more red...? I'm not sure how far the pink will go, but I'm gonna stop at 8, 15cm squares to see what I think. After that, I'm probably gonna finish it off with a couple of rows of knitting all around the edge, which will make it just over 110cm (or 44in) square.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

20cent op shop patterns!

... what a bargain! After buying my bolt end of pj satin for $4 from Spotlight, I needed a pattern for some pj pants.
... thanks heaps to the Salvo's op shop at Hallett Cove, who were selling their dressmaking patterns at 5 for a dollar ... OMG what a find! ... my size, unused and unopened :-)
Finished piccies will follow soon!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A cozy for my sunnies :-) that summer is on it's way, I figured that my sunnies needed a bit of TLC. They usually get a good battering from all of the junk in the bottom of my bag ... so here is my new cozy :-)
Result! more scratched sunglasses!!

I knitted it using the magic loop method and made it pretty much the same as my phone socks
I just changed the size to suit my sunnies

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Still knitting

... still here...still knitting 10cm squares !!
20 down - 4 to go :-)

Friday, September 01, 2006

blanket update

Thought I would do a quick blanket post to show my progress so far ... to get an idea of the size, the big red blocks in the centre are each 30cm square, and the newest ones around the edge are 10cm. The new reddy/pinky coloured squares are made with one strand of Moda Vera Emma, and 2 strands of red 5ply knit together ... it's really heavily textured ... as you might be able to see on the closer photo.

I'm loving all of the different textures - it's making it a really nice blanket to work on :-)