Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A plan for my sweater!

I wasn't sure when I started this jumper how it would end up looking. I thought that I only had 4 100g balls of Sean Sheep Big River, so decided to just knit until it ran out (nice and precisely planned out as usual!)...but, after finding another 2 balls in my stash (woohoo!), I think I finally have a plan :-D
There is enough yarn to make a cropped top similar to this. I really like the layered look, so I might find a thinner yarn to do an underneath top...kind of along the lines of this and this . I prefer the idea of having the under-top sewn in...that way I won't be constantly pulling on the cropped part to make sure it's staying in place :-)

...Soooo...that's the plan ;-D

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