Monday, February 12, 2007

I finished reading my Chrissy pressie :-)

What could be better than reading a novel based around knitting? .... easy! ....a book based around knitting AND set in the beautiful city of Adelaide :-) (thanks to daughter #1 for such a well thought out chrissy pressie xx)
The book by Anne Bartlett is simply called Knitting .... (I was going to say that it was a 'good yarn', but hey, that's even too cheesy for me!!)

On the subject of Adelaide, I just wanted to say Hi to Tracy...another Adelaidian fibre blogger who introduced herself last week :-) ....that's 6 of us I know of now.... Tracy, Joan, Lindsay,Tazzie, Tigers, and of course, me! If there are any others out there, I'd love you to say Hi!... *gives a little wave*

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Tazzie said...

Hi there Linda, how wonderful to 'meet' another Adelaide blogger!
*big hugs*