Monday, February 26, 2007

Another day, another singlet

The nice thing about making clothes for summer, is that they take hardly any fabric, and hardly any time to make :-)
The fabric for this singlet has been 'waiting' to be used for over 10 years! I only had a small amount of each (you know the bits?...too small to make much with, but too big to throw). The navy fabric was left over from when I made my girls some bike pants as part of their primary school uniform...the flowered fabric was from a pair of shorts for one of them, around the same time (and I think she had a hat to match in the same fabric). Again I used a Burda pattern book from the library...(love my library!)...this singlet is not as easy to wear as the last one I made (I need to fiddle with the front cross-over bit to get it to sit right), but other than that, it's really nice to have another summer top, and REALLY nice to finally use that fabric :-)

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Suzy said...

Wow! Your tops look wonderful! I Didn't know you were sewing as well! The part where you mentioned you *had* to alter the original pattern a bit made me crack up, it is so like me ;))