Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cropped layer

I finished the cropped outer layer of my sweater, with about half a ball of yarn leftover :-)
...next.... to make the fake under layer. I'm using some oddments of grey to make, what will hopefully look like, a striped, ribbed grey sweater.
This was my first time knitting a top down raglan with a V neck....really easy!...I cast on the stitches for the back neck, plus 2 for each sleeve top, then one for each side of the front neck....then, in the usual top down way, I increased one stitch each side of the markers every second row, and at the same time, increased one stitch at each side of the front neck every fourth row, until there were the same amount of stitches on the front as the back :-)


2paw said...

You make it all sound so easy and all look so good!!! It certainly suits your BareNakedLady!!!!

Rebecca said...

So impressive, I have just started my first ever top down jumper and am finding it a great way to knit one! Yours is amazing!!