Thursday, February 01, 2007

Top down necklines

I was asked by Kim (Carolinagirl), over on the Crafster forum, about how I got a wider neck on my top down raglan...I thought I would cross post my reply here, in case it can be of help to anyone else :-)

Hi Kim, I know what you mean about the usual necklines..all of the patterns and instructions I've seen, seem to be tight crew necks...

For mine, I did a quick tension swatch..just a few rows to get the stitch gauge (I didn't bother with the row gauge). I then found an online (conventional bottom up) pattern (with a measurement schematic) that had the neck I wanted, and used the measurement given for the front and back necks, and the sleeve tops. I counted how many stitches I had per cm/inch on my test piece, and then multiplied that by the measurement on the schematic. The maths was really easy on mine, coz it worked out that I had 1 stitch for 1cm, hence a 24cm neck became 24 sts and a 13cm sleeve top became 13sts... :-) Smiley
Wow I hope that all makes sense (it sounds right in my head!?!), and I hope it helps :-)


Shelley said...

The sweater in the post below looks fabulous! You did a wonderful job with it!

JoanM said...

Linda, YOur jumper turned out really well. It looks great on. I also love that baby blanket. It is a bit hot to knit at the moment, but I am plugging on.
Thanks for the links on the sweater and software