Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I'm trying to sort through my yarn and fabric stash to neaten it up a bit, and in the process, do some major de-stashing. I was looking at my fabric, but thinking of some crochet, so I combined the two, and started a crocheted rag rug....It's been a while since I did any knitting/crochet with fabric, and I'd totally forgotton how awesome it looks (and how much fabric it uses!!)

This is the first pattern I've used from my new Golden Hands books...the caption in this 1970's book reads "Rag rugs make a come-back"...I guess the same could be said for 2007 :-)

ok....hands up, who can remember the time when 'fashion models' looked like this guy!?...(so, so glad you can't see my hands right now!!).... ;-D


Shelley said...

I love the colours in your rug - so pretty! That is something I've never tried - crocheting with fabric.

2paw said...

That looks way out and cool dude!! What a great idea: and I do remember so well those models in the old New Idea and Engliash Women's Weekly and the Stitchcraft too!!

joyce said...

I love some of the drawings in those books. I have done a few of the patterns but mostly in the '70s when I bought them. I spent hours and hours browsing through them and I still dip into them occasionally. Well worth the money.