Wednesday, February 21, 2007

hot knitting!

so?...what do you do on a weekend that is forcast to be 40'C (104'F).... so hot that the weather guys tell you to stay indoors if you hot that the fire crews are on constant bush fire hot that you decide to cool off in the pool, until you find out that the water temperature is 31' hot that it's too much effort to move let alone hot that your car feels more like a microwave on full hot that all outdoor sporting fixtures and events are cancelled? stay indoors and start knitting a winter sweater in the thickest, hottest yarn in your stash!!...(the answer was pretty obvious really, wasn't it?!)
...hmmm,maybe I should think about getting some therapy ;-D


Tracy said...

i spent the weekend knitting in this heat too :) We're in Jamestown. Still stinking hot today.

Queen Frogger said...

I used to knit in front of the air con unit when we lived over there! Well done for managing to knit in that heat!