Saturday, February 17, 2007

Back to my handbags :-)

I'm so glad that I managed to finish this rug before the heat rose again (another 40'c weekend!! hot!) ... I really couldn't have sat with all of that fabric draped over my legs!
I made it smaller than the pattern, by leaving off the fl
owery edge...I liked how it looked when I got this far, and it fitted perfectly by my laundry door :-) success! looks great and my dog thinks I made it especially for him (so maybe he'll stay off my yarn now!)

I made another block for my "a girl can never have too many" quilt ... this is definately turning into a long term project :-)
So that's now, 4 down, and a lot more to go!...


2paw said...

What a great rug, I love the colours and I can see how it would be perfect for a dog!!! I had forgotten about your quilt. A girl really never can have too many handbags, at least!!!

Shelley said...

The rug is beautiful! I just love the colours you used. I also like the quilt blocks you've made - so cute!