Saturday, October 07, 2006

Spread the word - freezer paper for free!

I was really surprised to read, over on the Crafster board, that word hasn't gotton around yet about our free source of feezer paper, here in Aus. Hey, spread the word that our copy paper comes wrapped in freezer paper :-)
It irons on, and peels off (repeatedly!), just like the real stuff. Plus, the big bonus (other than it being free!), is that you are doing your bit for the stuff that would usually be, win :-)
Check out your office bins, or speak nicely to the person in your local copy supply was even carefully opened (not ripped off in a hurry), folded, and bundled together ready for my cool is that!?
I hate to think of anybody paying extortionate quilt shop prices for something you can get for free!


2paw said...

Is this true?? The photocopy paper at school is wrapped in freezer paper?? I will have a never ending supply!! I'm off to organise it now!! Thanks for the great tip!!!

joyce said...

Great tip. Too bad I have retired from teaching. Lol. I'm sure I can get all I want. I still have connections.

blondebabypeaches said...

Isnt it great! I was cheering for joy when I read it!!

Fiona said...

Wow! When I think about all the paper I throw away at work every day! Is it just the shiny stuff like my paper at home is wrapped in, or the matt stuff that the paper we use at work as well?