Monday, October 09, 2006

Some weekend knitting

A weekend of knitting and watching TV!..How good!?
OK...this is the start of a Minisweater by Glampyre using Katya Himalaya. The yarn is thicker than the pattern asked for, so a change of gauge was needed. There is going to be a few modifications, so maybe I will re-name it to the 'long (non-puffy) sleeved, wrap around , without the crocheted edging minisweater'...hmmm, very catchy!
I knitted this whilst watching Dr. Who, The Bill and Dangerous Davies...ABC all night!
...and as for Dr. Who ... flying Darleks...'exterminated' Cybermen...and did I see right?..Catherine Tate as the Doctors next sidekick?... ***you'll have to insert your own Dr Who cliffhanger music here coz I haven't gotten around to audio blogging yet*** get the picture :-)


JoanM said...

Hi Linda,
I love the colour of your latest project. It will be lovely when finished. Are there any yarn shops down your way, it seems there are fewer and fewer in Adelaide.

2paw said...

Very nice knitting, top down?? Something I must try. Catherine Tate will be a visitor for this year's Christmas episode, a la The Christmas Invasion.....The new companion will be the girl from Army of Souls, the finale part 1- the computer operator who lures the men to be converted!!! I am such an anorak!!!!!