Monday, October 23, 2006

My bag has a front..

..or maybe a back! Either way, it's finished, but in desperate need of blocking.

I'm about halfway up the body of my red sweater..I would have been further, but after trying it on, I decided that it needed some body shaping...... sooooo of course, I had to undo a fair bit and start again....same old same old!!

I joined 3 new knitalongs....Check them out in my nice, newly neatened sidebar ... I am truly trying to get more 'net savvy' here ;-D


2paw said...

Oh your bag is divine!! I hate to have to unravel knitting. It is like you are undoing time: wasting it. The Hippo/Pomatomus socks are nice, thanks!!! The pattern is complicatedbut very fish-like!!!

Samantha said...

very cute bag!!