Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ebay goodies

It's official!..I have Zimmermania! I've been reading about Elizabeth Zimmermann for a while, but have never seen any of her books. After seeing all of the photos on other people's blogs, I couldn't hold off any longer!..The first decision was which book to buy?...agggh- decisions, decisions?...I wanted bits out of all of the 4 books I'd read in the end there was only one thing for all four :-) These three came yesterday from Ebay, and Knitting Without Tears is on it's way from Amazon...ok, next decision is what to make first!...aggggh again!

I think that in future, I will probably try to reply to comments in my post, instead of replying with a comment (does that make sense?)....anyways: Fiona was asking about the freezer paper in my recent post: I've only found one brand of copy paper that isn't wrapped in freezer paper...and wouldn't you know it!...I can't remember it's name!..I do know that it was a browny stripey sort of paper, that definately felt different to the other stuff. EXP is the one that I usually get (as you can see in the photo), and it works brilliantly!! Joan, you're right about the lack of yarn shops here in Adelaide..I shop south of the city, so my usual haunts are Spotlight, Lincraft, Kmart and Big W...not very impressive is it!? .... and finally 2paw, I like to think that there is a little anorak in us all (ok, more in some than others!), but we should all 'wear it' with pride !!! ;-D

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Rose Red said...

You are so lucky with the Zimmermans - I didn't even think of looking on eBay (am so dumb, I look on there for everything else knitting related!!!)