Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some easy knitting!

My intention last week with my new baby cardi, was to make it another February sweater, but I decided after the yoke was started, that I was going to do something different...not sure what yet, but this is the progress so far :-) (I'm making these baby things to replenish my pressy box, and practice my design skills)
The blue diagonal knitting is the start of Knitty's Unbiased
I love this bag, and have had it on my to-do list for ages. Diagonal knitting is one of my favourite techniques, it looks great, and requires hardly any concentration ;-D've gotta love that! My plan was to make the bag from a Magic Ball but I didn't want to wait until I had a big enough ball, so started instead with some Sean Sheep feels really nice, it's a ladder yarn with the 'steps' being a very thick chenille.
Kelley, thanks for the comment :-) The yarn I used for my February sweater was Red Heart Soft Baby. The ball band says that it's fingering weight, but I'm not too familiar with US terminology...if I was talking in Aus/UK terms, I would call it a baby 4ply. I used 4mm needles, but could possibly have gone down a size. There are a few more stitches on the yellow sweater (than in he modified directions), as I added more for the front bands. The chest measurement was about 20 inches, but the ones made with the written mods, should be slightly smaller.
Hope this helps :-)


2paw said...

I had missed that bag, it's a really nice pattern!! I think your design skills are great!!!

Joni said...

Hi there! I just wanted to make sure you're aware that your blog is in the queue for the Fiber Arts Bloggers ring, because you don't have any code up. I just sent you the code again--please let me know if you don't get it? I'd love to get you back in the ring. :)

Kelley said...

What an awesome bag! As much as I scavenge Knitty for patterns, I've never seen it. Now it's on my to-do list too.

And thanks for the additional info on the Feb. sweater. (The to-do list grows and grows and grows . . .)

Happy knitting!