Sunday, March 18, 2007

Necklace no more

Well, my Cheap as Chips necklace has now turned itself (with the help of some wire snippy thingies) into 8 new stitch markers :-) It worked out really good, coz the big rings that go on the needles were also part of the necklace (I think I may have left too many beads dangling...but they looked so cute!...I'll just have to snip again if they get in the way of my knitting).

I started to do the lettering for my Handbag quilt. I think it would look good to have all of the writing in the centre on a pink background, and have the bags around the edge in a medallion style quilt (I will remember to iron the blocks next time I decide to take a photo!...I was just too anxious to see how they looked on the pink background!) :-)


Shelley said...

Your necklace-turned-stitch markers are beautiful!

Craftybernie said...

I love your stitch markers. I think that once you start making these things it's impossible to stop. And no jewellery is safe in the house. :)