Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shopping :-)

So this shopping trip may not seem like such a big deal to you guys ... but believe me, shopping for yarn in Adelaide is not always easy ... so you can imagine my excitement at finding self striping and self fairisling(?) 8 ply at Big W! ... woohoo!
It may not be the world's greatest yarn, but compared with the alternative (ie nothing!), I'm pretty excited :-)
They had camouflage as well, and whilst I was tempted to get some, I just couldn't see me having a use for it (apart from the excitement of seeing it knit up I suppose).
The choice of colours were mainly on the loud side, but I really liked the two that I bought.
My other two shopping goodies were a Woolcraft knitting book from about the early 70's, from the second-hand bookshop, and a necklace for $2 from Cheap as Chips, to be snipped up and made into stitch markers :-)


2paw said...

What a good shop you had. Thanks for the info about the 'fairisling' and self striping wool. I love old Woolcraft books too!!

Cosy said...

What a great idea to snip up the necklace! I love it.

Jessica said...

Hi, Another Adelaide knitter here.

Just wondering if you have tried
the yarn barn
Shop 4, 163 St Bernards Road Rostrevor
or Needlenook....... one at windsor gardens and I think the other one is at Fullerton.

Both can get a little pricey though.

Benigo woolen mills is great for decent priced yarn.