Friday, March 23, 2007

My February Sweater Modifications

I've been asked to share the modifications that I made to EZ's February Sweater..I've tried to be very careful regarding copyright issues, so have written it in such a way, that it is an add-on to Elizabeth's pithy directions, and won't make any sense without the original...(hope this is ok..if not, I'm happy to delete the post :-))

**Work as the original until you reach the first row of increases. Instead of increasing, decide where your shoulders should be (pin the neckline closed as if it's buttoned up, and the folds at the edges will be about right for the shoulders). I made the top of each sleeve, 2 stitches wide, so placed a stitch marker either side of that. Working from here in stocking stitch, increase one stitch either side of the 4 markers, on every knit row (keeping front edges in garter stitch). Work until there is roughly the same amount of stitches as the last increase row in the pithy directions ( mine had 6 stitches more). You are now at the part in the directions, where you divide for the sleeves and body...from here, you start using the Gull Pattern instead of stocking stitch. I increased the sleeve and underarm by casting on enough stitches for one pattern repeat. The rest of the pattern is as the pithy :-)**
This really is the easiest ever modification :-D ...hope the way I've written it makes sense!

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Kelley said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! This is definitely on my to-do list now. It looks like you used baby yarn for this sweater. I'm always confused about the sizing for EZ's baby items. What weight yarn and what size needles did you use, and what size did the sweater turn out (chest width)?