Saturday, September 09, 2006

Progress report !!

... ok, progress so far ... my pj pants are actually looking like pants, which has gotta be a good thing right!? I thought that the satin would be hard to work with, but it's really not as slippery as I imagined ... the pattern has turned out a bit bigger than I wanted, so I'm going to make a few mods regarding the waist height (either that or hitch the pants up to under my armholes and pretend that I'm still living in the 80's !) ... really wanted them a bit more slouchy :-)
I haven't decided yet whether to use elastic, a drawstring or maybe both...? My favourite pjs have elastic at the back and a drawstring at the front, so I may go with that.
(see my Ikea scissors on the table?...they were $2.95 for a set of 3, and they are actually better at cutting fabric than my expensive dressmaking scissors!... thank you, THANK YOU Ikea for coming to Adelaide !!)

My blanket is steadily growing ... I started to sew some of it together, which is actually taking me longer than it did to knit it :-(
I've added a bright pink fluffy yarn into the next round and then maybe some more red...? I'm not sure how far the pink will go, but I'm gonna stop at 8, 15cm squares to see what I think. After that, I'm probably gonna finish it off with a couple of rows of knitting all around the edge, which will make it just over 110cm (or 44in) square.


Becky said...

I'm assuming this is from the pattern below...I have that one, it's the one I made those PJ shorts from. They ended up fitting me ok as far as slouchiness goes without any modifications, but then I always make the waistbands to fit my hips and not my waist. ;)

Also, the knitting stuff looks good. I'm impressed. But then, I don't have the patience to make stuff out of yarn myself so I'm always impressed with people who do!

Samantha said...

what a wonderful looking blanket! very cool!

craftybernie said...

Maybe with your new found crochet skills you could add a crochet border/edge around your blanket.