Monday, September 25, 2006

Free design software that works !!

'Two thumbs up' for this free demo knitting software, Knitware Sweaters. Because it's a demo, there are some features that are disabled, but there is still more than enough to make it a REALLY good program :-)
I frogged the crocheted cardi I was making with it, because it was just turning out too stiff ... the design was fine, so I'll just try it with some softer yarn. The knitted version turned out great, and I loved having the option to knit it from the top down.
This cardi is being sent to Raia (my very new..1 day old.. great niece), along with the quilts that I have made for her ... I wish I could hand deliver them, but 17,000kms (11,000 miles) is maybe a bit far for today !! ;-)


Suzy said...

Thanks for the link, I'll have to try that one ;))

Nan said...

That software looks like something I would enjoy, and save me all the hours of searching for free patterns on the web that match the yarn I want to order on Thanks for sharing