Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Hooking ! much do I love my library?! Brand new books and mags to drool over for 4 weeks ... bliss!!
I used the Happy Hooker to learn how to crochet a motif with 2 colours ... it was really easy and quick, but it's not square?!... I'm guessing that it will be a lot better shape and a lot less bumpy after it has been blocked ...? (fingers crossed!)


craftybernie said...

Yay! I've got the happy hooker too. Great book. I'm making a few things at the moment - one of which is the 'granny's no square' bag. I'm doing it in wool, not lionbrand suede as I want to felt it. Can't wait to get it finished.

craftybernie said...

Ps - your tapestry crochet heart square looks a lot better than my attempt did! Well done!!!