Tuesday, September 19, 2006

cool stitch markers

..ok, now I know that these are probably not the most flash stitch markers you've ever seen, but to me, they are as cool as! I've been knitting for so long, that I can't actually remember learning, and in all of that time, my stitch markers have consisted of a length of yarn formed into a slipknot (...I can see how impressed you are!...).

Well after reading so many other blogs, I realised that maybe..just maybe..my stitch marking technique could be updated. So after little success finding custom made ones .. we're not really big on yarn shops here in Adelaide :-( , I thought I should make my own. I bought some scrapbooking embellishments from Cheap as Chips at Marion, came home and found 4 old keyrings that we didn't use anymore, took off the ring, and attached it to the 'flower' ... SUCCESS!... 4 new stitch markers!

... and YES!, they work brilliantly. I used them on my baby cardi, and I swear I will not be using slipknotted waste yarn any more !! :-D


fitknit said...

Hey, very impressive!
I also have only just graduated from the 'loop of yarn' school of markers!

Samantha said...

Womderful stitchmarkers!! Good job!