Thursday, September 14, 2006

2 top down baby jackets

I downloaded some demo software to give it a try, including Knitware sweaters 2.5
... and at the moment, it's looking pretty impressive :-)
For my first time using it, I'm making a couple of baby cardigans ... one knitted and one crocheted, both from the top down.
The knitted one is being done in Bernat Soda Pop on size 5mm needles, and it's actually turning out really good. The crochet one is being made with the same yarn on a 5mm crochet hook, but I'm thinking that it may be a bit too stiff...I'll do a bit more to see how it goes, but I'll maybe try it with a different yarn...?
... mmm, I can see I'm gonna like this software !! ... so far, definately, so good :-)

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fitknit said...

Love your work! Isn't the Happy Hooker just the best?