Wednesday, September 20, 2006

'a girl can never have too many...' quilt block #1

The idea for this quilt has been in my head for ages, so I finally decided to start it :-)
It's basically going to have a heap of handbags and maybe shoes, with the words 'a girl can never have too many', written on it. (I'm pretty sketchy on any other details, coz I don't usually decide too much before I start). There is some great inspiration out there...I love the look of Stargazey quilts, and for quilt lettering, Tonya's quilts are the coolest.'s quilt block #1.
I am using a "cut'n'paste" kind of technique.
Cut it out, stick it on, embellish it! (and of course, the most important detail - no rules!... you've just gotta love having no rules, right? !)

So, that's one block down, and a whole lot more to go :-)


2paw said...

I love your bag and you quilt theme!! It looks great, and No Rules!!!

joyce said...

What a great idea! Are you going to include shoes? And hats?

Linda said...

Hi,thanks for the comments :-)
Yes, I think I will include shoes... I haven't decided about hats and other accessories yet ... I guess I may have to if I run out of bag and shoe ideas :-D

Tonya R said...

No rules is fabulous, as are your blocks. Sounds and looks like it's gonna be a greaaaat quilt.