Friday, August 18, 2006

I swear I only went out to buy pink thread!,yesterday, I decided to call into Spotlight at Christies Beach on my way to doing a food shop at Bi-lo..I only needed pink thread for my baby quilt...ended up getting -
4 bolt ends of fabric (5m of printed cotton drill,5m of embroidered cotton drill, 2m of printed corderouy and 4m stetch satin) for between $3 and $5 a roll,
22 balls of yarn for 50c and $1 a ball,
pink thread (which I nearly forgot in the excitement of a clearance sale!)
...and the whole lot cost me $39.75!! ...think I may have to go back again today :-)


joyce said...

When I visit my Daughter in Australia we have to limit our Spotlight visits or I'd have to leave early because of running out of money. Lol. It's a great store and the last time I was there I wasn't even quilting. I'm afraid to go back next time until my last week there. Lol.

Sandra said...

Ah I really miss my jaunts to Christies Spotlight! We lived at Seaford before moving to Qld 5 years ago. We have a Spotties on the Coast, but it's over 30Ks away! What fantastic bargains you got! Glad you remembered the pink thread - I do exactly the same thing but usually forget what I went out for LOL.