Monday, August 28, 2006

...and it fits...and I love it, love it! following on from my last post, I can write the rest of the pattern and do my little *happy dance* that it turned out how I wanted it to :-)
Join the sleeves into a tube and work until they measure 14cm. Decrease 1 stitch on every row for the next 5 rounds, then every alternative row until they are the length you want (mine were a total of 10 rounds from the start of the decreasing).
Next, sew the sleeves to the back along the raglans, and using the same size hook as before, work about 5 rows of trebles around the whole outside edge... (I found that it fitted better with every row I added).
and thats it...DONE :-) easy was that?...I am so on a roll right now...can't wait to make something else :-)

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