Monday, August 07, 2006

Baby quilts are sooo much fun to make

I had heaps of fun over the past few days making this baby quilt for my nephew .... he's due to be a dad next month.
The baby is a girl, and last I heard, she's going to be called Raia...I wanted to make a quilt with her name on, so have only pinned the letters in place just in case that changes...(yay for short names!).
The writing is done in 'freestyle' cut applique which can quickly be appli-quilted into place when I know for sure. (Don't want it it take too long as it has to be posted overseas).
The centre green/pink part was machine pieced, the rest of the background was then fused onto iron-on interfacing (leaving the edges raw), and the whole quilt was machine quilted. The raw edged hearts were then sewn on through all layers, using a running stitch and embroidery will the name.

My quilts are usually made using the 'liberated quilting' planning..just completely half-arsed!... if you're looking at the photo and thinking that your eyes are playing up...they're not..."it's not you....its me" :-)

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Tonya R said...

Hey, that's the only way to quilt, isn't it? Fun baby quilt - now if they'd just decide on a name...