Thursday, April 12, 2007

Awesome new software

I downloaded some free sewing software yesterday from Wild Ginger Software
It drafts out patterns for bags, hats, pockets, shawls, aprons, slippers, thongs...and heaps more stuff. All the dimensions can be custom set, and the full size patterns can then be printed out.

I made this tie-top bag to be the same size as one I already have...I printed the pattern and cut out the fabric last night (it printed onto 9 A4 sheets which I just taped together), and then I sewed it this morning...I reckon all up, it took less than an hour to make :-) I still have to topstitch around the edge, but I don't have the right colour cotton yet (oh I guess that means another trip to Spotlight!...really, I'll use any excuse!)Now that I know how good the software works, I'll spend a bit more time on the next bag...maybe some inside pockets and a closure?... the options are endles :-)


picperfic said...

oh now that software is brilliant! Love yuo

Cosy said...

thanks for the software link! downloading it as we speak. ~Carolyn

amanda said...

I'm not a big sewer, but this software is great to know of. thanks!

Tracy said...

But it's doesn't run on MAC :( ah well. Will have to pinch the kids laptop :)