Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Dishcloth Hearts

 It's been a while since I made my first heart blanket, and after recently being reminded of it in a family photo, another one was requested for my new granddaughter :)
The basic idea stayed the same this time, but I did use two different patterns ... I chose a diagonally knit dishcloth pattern with an eyelet edging (the eyelets made a really nice guide for sewing the blanket to the backing) and an eyelet heart pattern that matched perfectly :) Both patterns were super easy and didn't require the attention that my last ones needed, and didn't always get :D
 I used stash Carnival 8ply yarn (from Big W), knit double stranded on size 6mm needles for the squares, and single stranded on size 4mm needles for the hearts.

 I tried for ages to get the whole blanket to sit a bit flatter, it has a tendency to 'puff up' ... I was going to do a quilting stitch around the hearts to anchor it a bit better, but then found out that my daughter thought the puffiness was one of it's best features!!  :D 

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Sarah Youde said...

So pretty!