Sunday, November 20, 2011

dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner ...

Sorry for the absence of blog posts of late, but I'm back, and I'm in need of playing catch-up :D
I've been busy with the making, just slack with the documenting!
So I thought that I would start with some hats ... hmmmmm, first off, I made this Batman hat for a Batman obsessed two year old ... he kept it on his head for about two seconds (not even long enough for me to take a photo!), before whipping it off and saying that it tickled his eyes :D 
The next time that I turned around, his slightly crazy, no, make that his extremely crazy mummy was wearing it and asking if she could have it ... I think that winter will be a laugh this year!! :D 
(Here is the Ravelry link to the pattern info)
I made this second Batman hat, (minus the tickly eyeholes you will notice!), and I'm glad to say, that he liked it a whole load better ... still no modelled photo, but I'll post one when he (or maybe some other crazy family member ... got quite a few contenders out there) decides to wear it :D
OK, so these hats are slightly less superhero-ish, but cool all the same. The black one is the Biddle Ribbed Hat by Tonya Wagner, the pom-pom one is The Basic Hat Pattern by Ann Budd, the tiny garter stitched edge one is Cute As A Button by Niftyknitting, the one below the pom-pom is the Tricorder Hat by Katherine Fagan, and the reversed stripy one is from a book that I have lying around here somewhere, just can't put my hand on it at the moment, but I'm sure that I'll find it as soon as I finish writing this post! I'll be putting them all on Ravelry over the next few days, so I'll add my links to the patterns then :)
Oh yeah, and the blog post title ... a joke from my primary school days about what Batman's mum shouts at tea-time ... lame yes, but the mere mention of Batman brings it to mind :D

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