Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Half a Gargantuan Melon!

I've been looking for a while for some warm winter hats for the little-ies in our family ... I thought that ribbed ones would be a good way to go as the circumference fit doesn't have to be perfect, and they would also allow room for growth. Looking through Ravelry, there were heaps to choose from, but I really liked this one because of the awesome decreases :)
Most were either circular, or swirly or kind of scrunched to have a pom pom on the top ... thought that this one looked more boyish :D
The pattern, Gargantuan Melon, is written for an adult sized, extra large head, so instead of using bulky weight yarn and 6mm needles, I halved the yarn thickness by using 8 ply and used a 4mm needle. It was a bit of a guess as to whether it would fit or not, but the end result was perfect :) I followed the pattern exactly other than starting the decreases after 5 inches instead of 6.25 inches.
I love it! ... there will be more of these hats to come :)

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Hope said...

Did you check out "Turn a Square" by Jared Flood? Also a great hat that doesn't have the "girlish" top!