Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enid does it again

After making this, my second Enid Gilchrist dress, I feel confident to try all of her patterns ... and really, the options are endless!
I'm still amazed, every time that I look through one of her books, with just how much design information they contain (and each time I look and read, I seem to find something new) :) My mum used to make all of our family's clothes when we were kids, and I know for sure that had we lived in Australia and had access to these books, I would have been dressed Enid style since a baby :) ... guess I'll just have to make up for lost time now :D, onto the specs: This was the Magyar dress on page 28 of Junior Teens and Smaller Women. The bodice was drafted from the pattern, but the skirt was just the rest of the fabric gathered in at the waist. My favourite part of this dress is the cool scooped neckline and shoulder seams ... I thought that it might be a hard dress to wear (thought maybe the magyar underarm seams may be restrictive), but that doesn't seem to be the case at all :)
Again, it was all made from stash. The fabric and zip were from a Spotlight shopping session way back. My only purchase was the tiny white belt from Factorie for $2.50 ... it just needed that small finishing touch. Not a bad price for a new summer dress :)


The Second Half said...

The dress looks really nice !! Isn't Enid just the best? I was an Enid's baby and my gran and my mum made my sister and me so many clothes from her books. The one you pictured my gran had, and I can remember looking at it when I was about 10 and wanting to be a "teen" so I could get one of the dresses from it. you are so right, the books are so rich with information and once imagination kicks in, it is easy to make the designs the way that suits your style. Looking more to seeing more of your adventures with Enid.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love the pattern, so cheery!

MarieBayArea said...

that's a very cute dress!