Saturday, January 20, 2007

Take 2 !! ... this time from the top

I just couldn't leave it alone!...after much pondering, I decided that I still wanted to make a random striped jumper in this yarn. I really didn't like the way it was turning out when I started it bottom up, so switched tactics, and started it top down...and so far (please,please..fingers crossed!)...I really like it.
I took the neck measurement off a sweater that I made a couple of years back, and just did a basic
top down raglan from there.

....I left the original sweater on the bed instead of neatly putting it mistake!..the next time I went in there, it was being worn by an extremely smart stuffed dog..(well certainly smart enough to dress himself anyway!!!..wonder if he had any help?!)


Anonymous said...

I really like those colours, I hope it works out better for you this time!
And what a smart little stuffed dog, he must have gotten chilly! :D

KnitXcorE said...

i digthose colors! they look nice together :-)

Shelley said...

The sweater is coming along great! I really love those colours together! I haven't tried top down sweaters yet, but it's something I have on my "to try" list.

2paw said...

It looks great, I would like to try a top down jumper one day... The colours look really nice too. What a clever dog!!!