Monday, January 15, 2007

It's finished already!

...well, finished, other than sewing in the 2 ends and putting on the button :-)
I love the way it turned out...the fit is good, if a touch on the big side, which is ok because you can button it wherever. I used some acrylic aussie 8ply from my stash, on size 8(US) needles...I didn't bother with gauge, just used which needles and yarn felt right.
I also found that it makes a great if your head gets too hot, just slip it down to warm up your neck ;-D (it doesn't really go with a summer singlet top does it!!!...but it's gonna look great under my brown cord winter jacket!)


Anonymous said...

Love quick and cute projects.

2paw said...

Looks great, even with your singlet. Lots of people at crafster have found it to be a 'big' knit and have 'smallered' it!!! Yours looks very classy!!

Shelley said...

Great job!

Anonymous said...

you know that you're not the only insane aussie knitting winter stuff in near 40C heat :]
btw I hadn't bothered with saving Caliometry until I saw your single colour version. Very nice.
Would look good with the lace wristwarmers I'm blocking at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Your projects are really lovely. I love the head scarf - it turned out really well. Its so hot at the moment I am not getting much done