Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rippit !!!!

Sometimes it's better just to to start again! There were a couple of things that I really didn't like about my new sweater....I loved the shape of the sleeves, but disliked the untidy increase stitches...I loved the neat increase/decreases on the body, but disliked the shape!!! Fussy as, right? :-)

I'd left my knitting for a few days, and when I picked it up again, decided that the sleeves really would bug me too much...sooo, back to the drawing board :-D

My Grandad's motto was 'If a jobs worth doing, it's worth doing well'.


Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about having to rip your sweater. I suppose, though, that it is better to start over and have an end product you will like, than to have something finished that you don't like.

2paw said...

But those balls of wool look really nice!! No point is there, if you don't like what you're making...