Monday, December 11, 2006

Not nice knitting weather!

With the temperature being 41'C (106'F) here in Adelaide over the weekend, not much knitting got done!..(actually, in that heat, not much of anything got done!!). I did manage to finish a few more hearts, ready to applique onto Millie's blanket...just one purple one left now to finish. I decided against using the blue ones..they were going to go onto the border, but I thought it might look too much...., what to do with surplus Elizabeth Zimmermann hearts?...they are just so cool that my brain has been in overdrive....I thought that these 4 spares would make
great mug coasters

....but really, the list of possibilities is endless
....the pattern (found on page 155 of EZ's Knitting Workshop) is for a heart hat or elbow patch. The pattern is written for whatever size you choose, so here are just some of the knitting ideas that will probably go on to my 'to do' list...
dishcloths, washcloths, coasters, place mats, pot holders, cushions, baby blankets, bath mats, pockets, pin cushions...
...ok so I like hearts :-) a rag rug style bath mat is sounding really good!

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2paw said...

Those hearts are beautiful and i love your clever idea for the coasters!!! We've had 32*C here and it's like an oven outside!!!