Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Op Shop Top

Finally....I have a knitting FO to show :-) (and just in time for Adelaide's cold snap!)
This was a jumper that I started in December after buying a bag of grey yarn from the Op was just a mixed bag of assorted yarns in different weights and textures, that only cost a few dollars.
With knitting it top-down (thanks as always to Barbara Walker's 'Knitting from the Top'), I was
able to knit each stripe until the yarn ran out. The first one I used was Patons Cottage Knit, which was a chunky, slubby mix - this determined the gauge (very roughly!), and the needle size. With the rest, I then just doubled or tripled them to give a similar gauge. I added some shaping through the waist, with 4 darts, and by using a slightly thinner yarn. The neckline had a 'roll' happening that would have been annoying to wear, so I just crocheted a row of htr's around the top to pull it still needs blocking to help it to sit better, but hey...that can wait until the jumper needs washing ;-D

....and of course, as ever!...for every one FO, there are
one or two!!! UFO's waiting in the wings....;-D


Tracy said...

That looks great Linda. Yep it's cold here in Jamestown too. We've got the woolies out and the fire going. Real knitting weather

2paw said...

Your jumper looks fabulous!! Such a clever knit using the wool to perfection!!
The cold is creeping in here too, and I have to finish some cardigans pronto!!

Christine said...

It looks great. Makes me want to try a top down design.

Phoebe said...

Okay, um, wow. I checked this out after your Craftster post. Man, a lot went into this. Kudos! Also, I perused through some of the FOs on your blog and you're out of control. You are a knitting machine and you've totally sold me on Barbara Walker's book. I'm definitely adding your blog to my Google Reader.

Melinda said...

I love the top! And what a bargain on the yarn! It must feel good to have turned it into an FO. The top-down process looks worthwhile.