Thursday, June 14, 2007

Warm hands in a flash

I bought a bag of yarn oddments from the op shop for 75c (you'd be right in thinking that I had enough yarn oddments already, but hey, I couldn't pass up such a bargain!). I'm going to try to use it all on winter mittens ... starting with these fingerless ones. The pattern was from here ... it was really quick and easy :-) For my next pair, I'll make them seamless (my seaming doesn't look too brilliant on these ones, but at least it's mainly hidden by my sleeves) ... think I'll also cast on a few less stitches, because I think that these will stretch out a bit more than I want.
I have hardly taken them off yet since I made them...warm hands but with finger it!


catsmum said...

god, you're as bad as me [ op shop yarn wise I mean ]
anyway if you're looking for more wristwarmer patterns, there's a couple of freebies ove ron my blog that you're more than welcome to.

Anonymous said...

I made some of these yesterday afternoon (thanks for the pattern) - but having big hands made all the measurements longer. I even fell asleep on the settee with them on and woke up the next morning with lovely toasty hands! So quick and fun to make, I'll have to make some more :-) I call them my 'glovelets'.