Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I have sleeves...

...and I guess that if don't like the rest of the
when it's finished, at least I've still got a
cool pair of armwarmers :-D

I made a start on the body, shown here with my new reading goodies...I wanted the Vogue Knitting specifically for Elizabeth Zimmermann's baby surplice pattern (there have been some beautiful ones made over on the Zimmermania blog), and The Friday Night Knitting Club was an awesome Mother's Day pressie :-) ...oooh... and, and, and!! Bonfit Skirt Patterner arrived from Ebay :-D
Such excitement!!... what to do first?


2paw said...

You have sleevage!! Very cool sleevage. You look like you are wearing an outfit from a very trendy knitting magazine!! Oh, lots of lovely goodies, that reminds me, must buy elastic!!!

picperfic said...

those sleeves look fact you look great too! I got the Vogue Knitting magazine because of that EZ pattern in it after seeing it knitted on the Zimmermania blog. The whole magazine is full of inspiration. Have you got the full set of those magic patterns now?