Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Just a quick post today, as the electrical storms we had here in Adelaide at the weekend, have made my pc throw a wobbly :-(
Hopefully, it'll be back to normal soon, and not keep dying on me .. (can you see my fingers crossed?!!)
This is the start of a Tinkerbell costume, for my daughter, for her to wear on saturday... it's made out of some sheeting offcuts strips..the width being the same as the 'leaves' in the skirt section.
The wings, wand and shoes are still to come, but so far, so good :-)
I'll post finished pictures, and more about how we made it later...(hopefully on a fully recovered pc!!)

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2paw said...

The costume is beautiful!!! Divine!!! So clever, and is that a Bare Naked Lady I see???!!!