Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pillowcase Pinnies

I bought a load of $1.20 pillowcases last year, because I really liked the fabric...some I've set aside for making skirts or tops, some for making quilts, and some for general sewing....this one was screaming out to be an apron :-) (well ... 2 aprons!) The 'pieced' front is actually one piece of fabric (one whole side of the pillowcase)...and from my stash, I added a blue and white checked lining, and a white tie.
Quick, easy, cheap...and mighty practical ;-D

I was really excited this week to hear that my ipod hoody pattern had been featured on the Craftzine site (thanks so much to 2Paw for letting me know :-))
Since being featured, it has also appeared here and here!!
very big grin**


2paw said...

My Pleasure!! I was so excited for you!! The Hoodie covers are wonderful. Love the apron. I am making some aprons as soon as it is cool!!!

incywincy said...

Lovely pinnies & what a great idea! I'm off to hunt through my pillow case stash!!

amanda j said...

Congratulations. The ipod cosy is so cute, and so are your aprons!